Solo ToD

Friday I went out with Rick and had another go at the Triangle of Death, however this time I did it solo.

We started out the day with me flying the Twin Oak’s pattern a few times with Rick since it had been a couple weeks since I flew.  That went well, so he sent me on my marry way.  I took off out of Twin Oaks and flew SE towards Aurora.  The flight went just great and I was able to take some pictures once I stabilized the plane.  I did a full-stop landing and took off out of Aurora to McMinnville. Aurora didn’t have much wind at all and the landing and takeoff were just great. McMinnville had 6 knots when I listened, but got up to around 9 knots when I took off.  Thankfully there weren’t any problems and I was able to land and takeoff just great.

My flight out of McMinnville was great and I made it back over to Twin Oaks where I flew to the west of the airport so I went in on the 45 for the downwind.  I did this just great and it gave me a nice entry for the pattern.

The pattern work at all three airports was great along with my landings.  I was quite happy with the entire flight.  There is always work to do to get better and there were definitely areas to improve.  Mainly making sure that I am on the right speed when landing to avoid having to break too hard.


Flight Time: 1.4 Hours
Landings: 6

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