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PPL Written Exam – Take 2

I didn’t go flying today, but instead, I’m writing about my second time taking my Private Pilot Aeronautical Written Exam.  The first time was almost two years ago, which means, that I had to take it over as I needed … Continue reading

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On Tuesday, my instructor dropped a bomb of realization on me that I am not going to be able to finish my pilot license before having to retake my written exam (so August 23rd). BOOM! That wasn’t the news I … Continue reading

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Back Again

My last post on here was at the end of September in 2013.  The day I left on a trip around the South Pacific.  Since then, I went to ten countries, came back to Portland, and started a new job … Continue reading

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There’s Always Next Year

The last couple months I made a huge effort to finish up my pilots license knowing that I had a hard date I needed to be done by before I took off for a while out of the country.  Well

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WTF Weather?!

I love Portland. Though I’m sick of this weather we have here. Overcast almost every day with the primary cloud layer below 3000ft. WTF?!

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