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I’m a Private Pilot!!!

It’s official!  After over four years, and too much money to think about, I finally accomplished the goal I set for myself to finish my Private Pilots license!!!  It’s such an amazing weight off of my shoulders and I couldn’t … Continue reading

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There’s Always Next Year

The last couple months I made a huge effort to finish up my pilots license knowing that I had a hard date I needed to be done by before I took off for a while out of the country.  Well

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Just 3 More Days

My long awaited written exam that I have been putting off for over a year is finally to be taken August 29th at 1 pm. I have been studying every chance I can get because I know that if I … Continue reading

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Trying Out Hang Gliding

This weekend I had the opportunity to try something new related to flying.  Instead of flying an airplane, I attempted to go hang gliding.

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What A Rough Flight

The flight this Thursday was simply…no good.  There were no crashes, there were no injuries, there was just a lot of flying that didn’t go to well by me. 

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