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3 Sunny Birthday Flights

To celebrate my birthday (4/18), I decided to do a flight each day of the weekend.  Friday, hitting up downtown Portland and the Gorge.  Saturday, heading to Tillamook for lunch, cheese, and jumping in the ocean.  With a final flight … Continue reading

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Downtown Portland with Paola, Scott, and Liz

To comply with scheduling of friends who have a hard time flying on the weekends, I booked an evening flight on a Thursday where I had the pleasure of flying my friends Paola, Scott, and Liz who was visiting Portland.  … Continue reading

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Mt. St. Helens with Wayne and Camille

This flight was an awesome time taking Wayne, his daughter, and soon to be wife Camille over Mt. St. Helens. Wayne and Camille, owners of WineUp on Williams, and myself had arranged plans a month before to go flying. Thankfully, … Continue reading

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Tillamook Picnic with Laura, Brian, and Jenny

Today, Laura and I got to help out my friend Brian by surprising his girlfriend Jenny with an awesome birthday gift over to the coast.

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Mt. Hood with Michael, Kent and Thomas

Took friends Michael, Kent, and Thomas around Mt. Hood. Unlike the times before, this time I went south first and finished going through the Gorge. The conditions were amazing. Highest altitude yet.

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Tillamook Area with Andrea and Aaron

Andrea and Aaron are some of the best people I know, and this Saturday, I was able to hook them up and take them for a glorious ride over the Tillamook area.  The rocks in the image are right off … Continue reading

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Mt. St. Helens with Parents and Aaron

Took my parents and my little brother flying today. First time reaching 10,000 feet! It was amazing! Here’s a video!

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I’m a Private Pilot!!!

It’s official!  After over four years, and too much money to think about, I finally accomplished the goal I set for myself to finish my Private Pilots license!!!  It’s such an amazing weight off of my shoulders and I couldn’t … Continue reading

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