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Back Again

My last post on here was at the end of September in 2013.  The day I left on a trip around the South Pacific.  Since then, I went to ten countries, came back to Portland, and started a new job … Continue reading

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There’s Always Next Year

The last couple months I made a huge effort to finish up my pilots license knowing that I had a hard date I needed to be done by before I took off for a while out of the country.  Well

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Flying on 9/11 – Remembering 12 Years Ago

This morning I went flying with my instructor Rick.  It was quite the flight as it was quite the reminder of what happened twelve years ago.  To think that it’s been twelve years such such a catastrophic disaster.  No matter … Continue reading

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An Update – About time!

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve written a post on  I haven’t taken the time to make the updates like I should after each of my flights. I first created this blog for myself to keep track … Continue reading

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Long Distance Solo Cross Country

Today was a huge achievement.  After much preparation I finally flew my long distance cross country flight.

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