First with Parents and Aaron

Took my parents and my little brother flying today. First time reaching 10,000 feet! It was amazing! Here’s a video! Continue reading

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Flight with Kief, Jeremy and Cassie

Took some friends flying today towards Mt. St. Helens. Couldn’t make it the entire way due to the clouds, but it was still a blast! Continue reading

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I’m a Private Pilot!!!


It’s official!  After over four years, and too much money to think about, I finally accomplished the goal I set for myself to finish my Private Pilots license!!!  It’s such an amazing weight off of my shoulders and I couldn’t be happier for getting it done.  I barely slept last night anticipating the exam today (4.5 hours of ground testing, and 1.7 hours in the air), but now that it is over, I am a very very happy man, who will get plenty of sleep tonight!

I’ll write up more details about my practical/checkride, but not today…I’ll be too busy celebrating!!!

So I gotta ask…who wants to go flying?  ;-)

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Today’s flight consisted of a number of landings over at Mulino State Airpark.  These landings consisted of the usual: normal, short, and soft field.  On top of this however, I got to practice and do a great job at some short approach landings including and a “power-off 180.” Continue reading

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Landings Landings Landings


Yesterday evening I went flying with Steve and our big focus was on landing.  It’s been said “Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man…Landing is the first!” This quote hits home pretty hard as landing have always been my biggest weakness.  Now I’ve done a few hundred landings, and I’m yet to break an airplane, but none the less, I don’t always land as great as I know I can. Continue reading

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